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The New Standard For Functional Fencing

There are a few good reasons why many people are switching over to vinyl fencing, and we want to be the ones to help you transition into this better way of securing your perimeters. Vinyl is easy to maintain which saves time and money, and they’re incredibly durable and resistant to many of the main factors that would normally deteriorate a traditional, unprotected fence. That’s because vinyl is made with additives that make it resistant to warping, rotting, and more. A high-quality vinyl fence can easily last up to 30 years without the need for any maintenance, and Villa Fencing is here to bring these wonderful qualities to you!

Do I Need To Clean A Vinyl Fence?

The great thing about vinyl is that you don’t need to do anything to it to keep it from aging quickly. Cleaning them is entirely optional, and even then, the process is very simple. A single spray from the garden hose will be enough to wash off any dirt, and the hot California sun will dry it for you for the easiest cleaning process when it comes to fence care.

Explore Fully-Customizable Vinyl Fence Styles

Some property owners will acquire new vinyl fencing just because of its modern appeal. Since it’s technically made of plastic, vinyl can be shaped into practically any form. At Villa Fencing, you can get vinyl fence installation in the following styles:

Full privacy vinyl

Closed picket

Open picket

Ranch rail

Once you choose your style, you can customize your vinyl fence in even more ways. The height of your fence can range anywhere from 3-7 feet tall, you can cover the gaps in your open-space picket fence with a lattice design, vinyl wall toppers can be used to accessorize your fence, and there are nearly endless color options available. White may be common for vinyl, but your fence can also come in beige, tan, gray, or exciting two-tone combinations.

Get Added Protection For Your New Vinyl Fence

Our vinyl products have a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty for rotting or warping. Since premium vinyl is able to easily resist natural occurrences that can cause rotting or warping, the manufacturers that we go through offer these warranties as a way to promise a quality experience. We’re confident that our selection of vinyl products paired with our expert installation will last you decades.

To learn more about our vinyl fence warranties, call us Monday-Saturday at (909) 227-2261 to speak with our friendly team of specialists!

Discover Your Perfect Vinyl Fence At Villa Fencing!

Finding the perfect vinyl fence for your needs is as easy as reaching out to Villa Fencing at (909) 227-2261. We have over 10 years of experience building and installing vinyl fences and gates, and we offer full replacements if needed. We are family owned and operated which brings you the experience of a local business that serves the community of Rancho Cucamonga and the nearby area. Experience top-notch vinyl fencing today!

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